Executive Director
Health by Design

Kim Irwin has served as the Executive Director of Health by Design since 2008. Health by Design collaborates across sectors and disciplines to ensure communities in Indiana and beyond have neighborhoods, public spaces, and infrastructure that promote healthy, active living. Since 2019, Health by Design has also provided management services to the Indiana Public Health Association, which builds capacity among public health professionals and partners to achieve health equity and well-being for all across the state of Indiana. Ms. Irwin guides the strategic direction, partnership development and programmatic, operational, and financial management of both organizations. She has a Master of Public Health from the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) Department of Public Health and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. Her prior work experience includes health promotion activities and program and administrative management for the American Lung Association, the IUSM and in senior services. She is a member of the Governor’s Public Health Commission and volunteers with the League of Women Voters of Indianapolis.


Jul 28