2022 Planning Chairs and Committees

SPONSORSHIP & BUDGET | Chair: Valerie Becker

Cindy Bambini, Cynthia Bowen, Jennifer Milliken, Kristyn Newbern, La-Tisha Pirtle, Julie Safely

PROGRAMMING | Chair: Samantha Spergel  

Amandula Anderson, Kelly Annis, Cheria Caldwell, Peyton Carroll, Anastacia Fratto, Larysa Glaspie, Trinity Hart, Meagan Heber, Sheila Matuscak, Dani Miller, Meg Purnsley, Allie Rosenbarger, Aryn Schounce, Annie Xie 

EVENTS & LOGISTICS | Chair: Lisa Laflin

Megan Adams, Marie Beason, Peyton Carroll, Angie Eslinger, Kate Hyde, Allison Gray-Gunsten, Stephanie Quick, Audrey Streitz, Katie Wertz

MARKETING & PROMOTION | Chair: Holly Bolton

Aletha Dunston, Kaitlyn Shannon, Garnet Vaughan, Jessica Vonderau, Andrea Watts 

History of the Summit 

The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) was established in 2011 as a global program of the Urban Land Institute to raise the visibility and number of women in the industry.

The WLI Summit launched in 2019 to bring together real estate professionals from across the central United States for two days of programming, tours, and professional development designed to connect ULI members within the world of real estate.

In addition to the host of generous local and regional sponsors who support this Summit, the WLI committees of eight district councils would like to thank Hines for the 2018 WLI Hines Innovation Grant, which provided pivotal seed funding to see this idea come to life.

ULI district councils participating in Summit planning and marketing include: Chicago, Indiana, Kansas City, Kentucky, Nashville, and St. Louis.