Looking forward and looking back, this Fall the WLI Regional Summit will dig deep into the intersection of equity and land use via a series of three immersive virtual sessions.

Fall 2020 Virtual Series: From Acknowledgment to Action

We’re looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis in person in August of 2021! In the meantime, however, we will be looking hard at the past practices and policies that brought us to where we are today in a deeply divided society where race is far too often a determining factor in a person’s success. 

Join us this Fall (2020) for three immersive sessions with local and regional experts in land use, equity, and leadership. We will unpack the issues – real estate and policy based – and work toward actions that we each can take to strengthen the work and movement around righting these wrongs. 

Schedule at a Glance

Aug 12

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Using the video "Segregated by Design," we will explore the land use policies and practices that enabled real estate development to flourish while catering to White people and excluding Black people.

Sept 16

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Looking at today's real estate climate, discussion will center around the effects of segregation on our cities today - gaps in wealth, health and opportunity.

Oct 29

Thursday, October 29, 2020


What can we, as land use professionals, do to further efforts or push harder for equitable development and, ultimately, an equitable society?